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Power and Comfort in a Luxury Motorcycle

For those who enjoy a fast motorcycle for commuting or touring but still expect a level of comfort, many luxury bikes meet these criteria. This blog will explore the most luxurious motorcycles on the market, analyze their best features, and discuss where to buy them. Interested readers will enjoy learning the history of luxury motorbikes and the most expensive models ever made. Bike enthusiasts can read about the BMW R60/5, the Triumph Bonneville, and the Royal Enfield Bullet. Luxury motorbikes are surprisingly affordable and come with enticing features such as storage compartments and heated seats.

Even Celebrities Love Motorbikes

27 Mar 2022

Motorbikes are not just practical vehicles used for the daily commute. They can be an investment or a statement piece, and many celebrities own at least one bike. Keanu Reeves is an enormous enthusiast of motorcycles and actually sells custom builds at his shop in California.

Buying a First Motorbike

15 Feb 2022

Buying your first motorbike can be a daunting task, and the choice is overwhelming. The budget is a significant factor, and most people tend to start with a second-hand bike. Take care to have a test run to ensure you can handle it and it's not too heavy.

The Royal Enfield Bullet

8 Jan 2022

Rightly known as the gentleman's motorcycle, the Royal Enfield Bullet is a much-admired design classic. The fuel tank is always hand-painted, making each bike unique. From its inception in 1932, it is still in production today, a testimony to its resilient build and gorgeous chrome styling.

BMW R60/5

1 Dec 2021

Many people believe that one of the most incredible bikes ever made was undoubtedly the BMW R60/5. While only in production from 1970 to 1973, their top speed of 99 mph made them a formidable force at the time. The lively acceleration was a great selling point.